Concierge Plant Submit Form

What You Need to Know

1. You must provide a final & completed list of plants on this submission form. (We will not accept multiple scattered submissions!)
2. This form must be submitted one week before the sending date! (See below for our sending dates)
Any late forms will not be included for this months Quarantine approval and will be delayed for next month.
3. List the full botanical names of all plants to be sent! Genus and species. It is your list that is sent to your Authorities for approval prior to sending. If you don’t send the list or the botanical names, we can’t send your plants. (See below for more)

Shipping Address - No PO Box please.

By ticking this checkbox, you are declaring this submission is your final draft of the completed list of plants.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to waiving all rights or perceived rights to any compensation for the total loss of these plants from any cause whatsoever, even in the case of proven negligence on the part of our business Paradise Distributors. (The actual risk is only 0.02%! See the stats on the Quarantine Concierge Information page.)

If you do not accept the risk of total loss, do not submit this form and discuss with us where we can send your plants.
NB; There are further notes on this aspect on our concierge pages. We further urge you to note this condition in full on all social media sites you engage in.

If you are having an issue with the Submit form, click here.

Click here for for more information about our Quarantine Concierge Service. Failure to comply with certain rules with our Concierge Service may incur a penalty fee on your final payment.

If you have any questions, please phone or text Bob on 0408 687 109.

Western Australia & Northern Territory Sending Dates
October 18th (Form must be submitted on or before 11th October)
November 8th (Form must be submitted on or before 1st November)
November 29th (Form must be submitted on or before 22nd November)
December 20th (Form must be submitted on or before 13th December)

Tasmania Sending Dates
October 15th (Form must be submitted on or before 8th October)
November 5th (Form must be submitted on or before 29th October)
November 26th (Form must be submitted on or before 19th November)
December 17th (Form must be submitted on or before 10th December)

Botanical Names
Please identify with the botanical name. Both Genus and Species. Your sender must declare the full botanical name of all plants. This is a legal requirement if they are sending plants to a customer in WA, TAS or the Northern Territory. If your sender cannot identify, do not buy as they cannot be sent. False declarations could put you in legal hot water as these Quarantine documents are legally binding.

PS; Common names and variety names are not botanical names!
Also for Example for Philodendrons. Philodendron is the Genus of many plants. Pastazanum is the Species name ie specific..there’s only one of this. Such names as ‘Hoya SP. IPP 5898’ is not a botanical name and will not be allowed if you can’t fully identify the proper botanical name.