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Tip of the Week – Focus on Hoyas

Hoya Plants Hoya plants Collected for their variable eye catching wax flowers and lovely foliage. There are some 200  known species of  hoya plants from the Family Asclepidiacea. Many in Papua New Guinea are yet to be discovered!! Mostly tropical and subtropical. There are at least seven Australian natives in Queensland. Hoya plants  are collectibles […]

Tip of the Week – Anthurium Care

Producing some of the most admired flowers on the planet anthuriums come in about 1000 species that are native to South America. They exist as both epiphytes and ground dwellers. Their Family is called Araceae(Aroids) and their Genus is Anthurium. Anthuriums andraeanun and Anthurium scherzerianum are the only Anthuriums that produce bright red bracts. These two species […]

Tip of the Week – Preparing Your Plants for Winter

Autumn is still great growing weather right through to June…many plants adore this time. But here a few things to keep in mind to prepare your plants for the colder winter months. Cold Sensitive Plants Put them in a warm place under cover, against a wall that reflects the winter sun. Give them as much […]

The Science of Forestry

  The Science of Forestry is about growing trees on a basis that ensures that the forest supplies timber for use by the community on a perpetual basis. At the same time the forest will have other multiple uses….such as catchment protection, wildlife habitat, bee keeping, public recreation, 4 wheel driving and touring, climate amelioration, […]